Information Security – E-Learning

We offer you and your employees numerous e-learning courses on the topic of information security. With these trainings you strengthen security awareness and support your employees to protect valuable information and data of the company.

We have placed the learning content in a modeled 3D city with virtual locations, just like in real life.


Subscription from 1,50 Euro per month


With certificate


German and English

Our learning units at a glance

Sicheres Arbeiten im Homeoffice
Sicheres Surfen im Internet
Phishing, Spear-Fishing und Ransom-Ware
Social Engineering
Informationssicherheit vertiefend
Informationssicherheit für Produktionsmitarbeiter
Informationssicherheit auf Reisen
Mobiles Arbeiten
Sichere Nutzung sozialer Medien
Sichere Nutzung mobiler IT-Geräte
Klassifizierung von Informationen

You can get the e-learning courses animated in 3D in a subscription from just 1.50 euros per month and user.