What we do

We offer our customers documentation systems that enable them to comply with the international ISO 27001 standard simply, pragmatically, and efficiently.

… unlike others

Our system does not consist of a multitude of loosely compiled Word templates, but of concrete and consistent content.

This content is stored in an intuitive system based on Atlassian Confluence. In addition to the software, we offer all-round support for your information security projects, whether in the form of classic implementation support or as part of our innovative SCOD service offering.

… on top

The second focus of our activities is the performance of IT security investigations.

These investigations, called Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing in technical jargon, are an indispensable security component of every modern IT strategy.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries, technologies, and systems. Our experienced penetration testers examine your system landscapes and applications and thus make an active contribution to continuous and actively managed IT and information security.