Watchdog by TEN IM

Early warning system for your IT environment

You have limited IT resources, no central log management and no time to analyse all log files? Then we have the solution!

Watchdog by TEN IM

Watchdog by TEN IM

Watchdog by TEN IM is an early warning system for your IT environment that continuously examines all logs of the monitored systems – whether traditionally “on premise” or in the cloud – with regard to IT security-relevant aspects. This gives organisations a central view of the IT security situation of their organisation – and enables them to react much faster to any incidents.

Watchdog by TEN IM solves the intransparency and time problem that almost every organisation has: actually, the logs would be there and you would only have to look at them. In practice, there is usually not enough time or know-how to deal with the IT security situation.

Did you know?

Sicherheitskritische Vorfälle

Protection measures

Security-critical incidents within an IT infrastructure cannot be avoided 100 per cent despite all protective measures.


IT security incidents

Companies that are affected by an IT security incident often do not notice this at all or only much too late.

Daten interpretieren

Interpreting data

All the data that could indicate attacks is available, but most of the time there was a lack of time and/or know-how to interpret this data correctly.

Daten verstreut

Scattered data

The data is also often scattered across many different systems – checking the logs of these systems individually takes too much time.

This is how it looks

Your advantages at a glance

Automated hazard detection

Server Hosting in Germany

Transparent pricing model with calculable costs

Cost savings through integrated vulnerability scanning

External data storage

Highly qualified expert know-how for IT security analysis