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Instant 27001 is a ready-to-run ISMS and contains all you need to implement ISO 27001 and get yourself ready for certification, in a matter of weeks. Simple, efficient and affordable.

You will start the implementation with 80% of the work already done, no prior experience or training necessary.

Instant 27001 is available for Atlassian Confluence and Microsoft 365. Available from € 1995 (one time purchase).

Steps to your information & IT security

We make information security management simple and enable companies of all sizes to pragmatically implement complex security requirements.

Everything included

Instant 27001 contains all documents that companies need to implement ISO 27001. This includes policies, procedures and also a comprehensive risk assessment covering the most common risks.

Internationally usable

Instant 27001 is available in English, German and other languages. Instant 27001 automatically generates essential documents explicitly required by the standard, saving valuable time during audits and reducing potential sources of error.

Practical add-ons

For Instant 27001 there are add-ons for ISO 27701 – an extension to ISO 27001 for a data protection management system – as well as for ISO 9001, the worldwide standard for quality management.

Project planning

Divided into an organizational and a technical track, the built-in project plan guides you through all the steps needed, providing helpful tips along the way.

ISMS is not witchcraft

With the right tool it's easy! See for yourself ...


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Instant 27001 contains …

… all ISO 27001 requirements and controls

… a complete risk assessment

… all documents, policies and procedures

… all necessary registrations

… full PDCA support


Instant 27001 is sold as a one-time (perpetual) license, for one (1) organization/deployment. There are no hidden charges, no maintenance fees and no recurring costs. After you purchase the content, its yours. Forever. Just like a book!

The price of the license depends on the size and structure of the organization. It is always possible to upgrade the license when your organization grows!

Instant 27001 Startup

€ 1.995

Instant 27001 Scaleup

€ 2.995

Instant 27001 Enterprise

€ 3.995

Prices plus applicable value added tax.

That’s it!

There are no hidden fees, no maintenance, and no recurring costs. The content is yours after you’ve bought it. Just like a book.

Consultancy services around Instant 27001

We accompany you on your way to successful ISO 27001 certification, for example with the following consulting services:

  • Execution of initial so-called “Enlightenment Workshops” (see download).
  • GAP analysis workshops, in which we work out in detail the state of your organization with regard to information security.
  • Auditing of your ISMS as required in the context of an internal audit.
  • Accompaniment of your certification.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.