Phishing campaigns – creating awareness for handling emails

How do you as an organization best manage to train conscious and safe behavior of your employees when dealing with emails? How do you efficiently create awareness and show your employees what to look for when handling emails on a daily basis?

An important component of an awareness strategy are our simulated phishing campaigns. We send one or more phishing emails and evaluate the results in accordance with data protection regulations. Our approach includes the creation of a fake website, which is modeled after those of your organization. The aim of these campaigns is to train the skills of your employees to recognize such fake emails. We follow the latest findings from IT security and take the perspective of an attacker.

How it looks

Analyze anonymized employee behavior

Based on the results, we show you – pseudonymized or completely anonymized – how many employees clicked on the links in the simulation emails – and how many employees may even have left behind data such as user names or passwords.

  • Detailed time histories of click behavior are also available, as are comprehensive statistics and evaluations. Upon request, you can receive the anonymized raw data to perform your own evaluations.
  • In everything we do, we respect the privacy rights of your employees.
  • Data is processed exclusively on servers in Europe.
  • You can use the findings to derive further measures such as training or education tailored to your target groups. The insights gained help you to implement these measures cost-effectively.