Current study proves: Shortage of skilled workers and fear of cyberattacks determine IT security  

A study by G DATA, Statista and brand eins confirms that IT security in the DACH region is in a poor state. Many organizations still believe that attackers are not interested in them. The organizations that are aware of the dangers are plagued by staff shortages: qualified IT security experts are scarce. Quote from the study: “In companies with fewer than 50 employees, 68 percent talk about a lack of personnel. In large companies with more than 1,000 employees, only 11.3 percent complain of a lack of personnel.”

IT security: prevention instead of reaction

The fear of an IT emergency is great, regardless of the size of the organization. In our opinion, prevention is the order of the day. A holistic IT and information security strategy not only includes planning for an emergency (“incident response”), but also precisely those activities that prevent an emergency from happening in the first place.

Detect threats with Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning Services

At TEN Information Management, we are committed to preventive IT and information security. We help companies to take precautions and recognize dangers before real attackers do – with our Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning Services, simulated phishing campaigns – as well as advice and assistance on IT security strategy. Interested? Then make an appointment for a free initial consultation right away.


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