Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing Services from TEN Information Management

Checks of IT security are useful and advisable for a variety of reasons. External reasons such as regulatory requirements – the KRITIS regulation or the IT security law are examples – may require such reviews. However, companies may also consider such reviews necessary for internal reasons, for example because certification according to ISO 27001 is pending or because an information security incident has occurred and the organization wants to protect itself for the future. 

This is where our Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing Services come in. We examine your IT environment for existing vulnerabilities and thus make a significant contribution to risk prevention. Various types of investigation with different focuses are available – from pure infrastructure testing of your existing on-premise system environments to the analysis of complex web and mobile applications. We not only take into account common errors in applications, but also take a critical look at the data protection aspects of the objects of investigation if required.

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