How does the technology behind Watchdog by TEN IM actually work?

Answer: we use Wazuh, one of the leading SIEM platforms on the market. Wazuh is an open source security platform designed to help companies monitor and secure their IT infrastructure. It combines powerful intrusion detection, log and vulnerability management and security analytics capabilities into a single solution.

At the heart of Wazuh is a powerful and scalable monitoring system that provides real-time monitoring of log files, configuration changes, system and application events. By integrating endpoint data, Wazuh can also detect attacks and malicious activity in real time.

Identify security vulnerabilities with Wazuh

Wazuh also offers a comprehensive vulnerability management function that helps companies identify and address potential security vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. By continuously scanning and monitoring systems, vulnerabilities can be detected early and action taken to minimise risks.

The platform also provides a powerful rules and compliance engine that enables organisations to enforce their security policies and ensure they comply with applicable regulations. By integrating with other security tools and security information and event management (SIEM) systems, Wazuh enables seamless collaboration and a comprehensive view of an organisation’s security posture.

Detect threats, prevent attacks

Wazuh is a flexible and customisable solution suitable for both small businesses and large organisations. It provides a robust security infrastructure to detect threats, prevent attacks and improve the overall security of IT systems.

And how does Wazuh Watchdog by TEN IM become? Through the expert knowledge of TEN Information Management, the flexible operating model as a managed service in the Watchdog by TEN IM Cloud – and through the personal and customised advice we provide to our customers.


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