Documenting ISMS with Instant 27001

One of the biggest challenges in setting up and operating information security management systems according to ISO 27001 is the adequate documentation. This is subject to audit reviews and also helps the organization to appropriately control all implemented measures of the standard during daily business. Organizations that work based on Word or PDF documents often encounter obstacles that cannot be overcome, at the latest when it comes to document control and the appropriate distribution and communication of content.

Instant 27001 is our solution that solves these kind of problems – and many more – and helps to avoid them. Instant 27001 is a complete ISMS that is ready to use and comes with complete documentation. Organizations don’t have to start from scratch, but can customize the content to fit their organization. As a result, valuable time is saved, which can be used for meaningful tasks.

We would be happy to show you the solution in a short demo.

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