The underestimated danger: Misconfigurations in Microsoft Windows Active Directory environments

Every company that uses Microsoft technologies is familiar with this: its own Windows environment is constantly growing, numerous settings are changed in the Active Directory every day, objects are created and deleted again.

What about the dangers that can arise from faulty Active Directory configurations? This is an aspect of IT security that is almost always neglected. From numerous IT security investigations that we carry out for our clients, we know that incorrect configurations can have enormously far-reaching consequences:

  • Unauthorised access: poorly configured security policies and group policies can allow attackers to log into the network without authorisation and tap into sensitive data.
  • Spread of malware: If attackers gain access to the network, they can spread malware such as viruses, Trojans or worms that can cause data loss or other damage.
  • Denial-of-service attacks: a poorly configured Active Directory can also lead to denial-of-service attacks, where the customer environment is completely or partially paralysed due to overload.
  • Data loss: faulty Active Directory configurations can also lead to data loss if attackers are able to delete or modify data.

The examples described above can all have a significant impact on a company’s business. Prevent this by having your Active Directory regularly scanned for misconfigurations. Our experts have the relevant expertise and will also be happy to help you with preventive IT security!

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