Automatic detection of attacks on the IT environment

Automatische Erkennung von Angriffen auf die IT-Umgebung

Cost-effective solution for medium-sized businesses Watchdog by TEN IM is our managed SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management) solution that makes automated detection of attacks and vulnerabilities accessible to SMEs. We are often asked: how does it actually work? And what technologies are behind it? Watchdog by TEN IM is based on open source technologies […]

How secure is the data in the cloud?

Wie sicher sind die Daten in der Cloud?

In discussions with customers and interested parties, we are repeatedly confronted with the statement that security investigations (penetration tests and vulnerability scans) are not necessary in cloud scenarios because the cloud provider (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Hetzner Cloud) ensures the security of the environments. This is a widespread misconception, which we would like to explain in more detail in this article.

ISO 27001 update – need for action due to new catalogue of measures

ISO 27001 update - need for action due to new catalogue of measures

ISO 27001 – Management of technical vulnerabilities The newly published ISO 27001:2022 in October 2022 brings a restructured catalogue of measures. Among other things, the new measure A.8.8 – Management of technical vulnerabilities – was introduced. This requires the operator of an ISMS to obtain information about technical vulnerabilities of the information systems used, to […]

2-factor authentication

2-factor authentication

Efficient protection through 2-factor authentication Multi-factor authentication (MFA) or mostly 2-factor authentication is on everyone’s lips. You read a lot about the benefits – and yet you are often annoyed when “the second factor” has to be specified again – usually this is perceived as a nuisance. And yet this technology offers unbeatable advantages for […]

Instant 27001 now for Microsoft 365

Instant 27001 now for Microsoft 365

Instant 27001, the simple and pragmatic documentation system for information security management systems (ISMS) according to the international standard ISO 27001, is now also available for Microsoft 365 in addition to Atlassian Confluence. Seamless integration into Microsoft environment Together with ISOPlanner, Instant 27001 provides a simple and scalable platform that seamlessly integrates into your Microsoft […]

IT security in the cloud

IT security in the cloud

“The cloud is another name for “someone else’s computer,” and you need to understand how much or how little you trust that computer.” (Bruce Schneier). The quote comes from the context of the LastPass breach in 2022, in which attackers were able to allegedly compromise the well-known password manager LastPass and prompted us to take […]

Recognising IT security incidents in good time – this is how it works

Recognising IT security incidents in good time - this is how it works

Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular have some catching up to do When it comes to the timely detection of IT security and cyber security incidents, small and medium-sized organisations – even some large ones – have a massive backlog. They often lack the know-how and/or the time to deal in detail with the logs […]