Detect threats with a SIEM system

A security information and event management (SIEM) system is a powerful solution that helps organisations detect, monitor and respond to threats to their information security. It enables the centralised collection, consolidation and analysis of security events and information from various sources in real time.

Traditionally, implementing and managing a SIEM system required significant resources and expertise in cyber security. The task of collecting, monitoring and analysing extensive log data could place a significant burden on IT departments. This is where the concept of Managed SIEM Services comes in.

Managed service provider takes over SIEM support

A Managed SIEM Service offers companies the option of using a SIEM system in the form of a service managed by a specialised service provider. Instead of operating the SIEM system itself, the managed service provider (MSP) takes responsibility for the provision, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of the system.

The advantages of a Managed SIEM Service are obvious. Companies can focus on their core competencies while benefiting from the advantages of a robust SIEM system. An MSP brings the necessary expertise and experience to effectively manage the SIEM system and proactively detect threats.

Main features of a Managed SIEM Service

  1. Monitoring and analysis: The MSP continuously monitors security events and activities in real time. By analysing log data and security events, potential threats can be identified and countermeasures can be taken.
  2. Notifications and alerts: When security incidents are detected, notifications and alerts are immediately sent to the organisation. This enables rapid response and containment of threats.
  3. Compliance and reporting: A managed SIEM service helps companies meet compliance requirements by generating detailed reports and audit logs. This facilitates the review of security standards and policies.
  4. Scalability and flexibility: Because the service is managed by an MSP, companies can scale the resources of the SIEM system as needed. This is particularly beneficial for growing companies or those with changing requirements.

A Managed SIEM Service is a cost-effective option for organisations as it allows them to take advantage of a world-class SIEM system.


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